For our school, fostering the name of a French–Canadian politician, it is of great importance to maintain the German - French relationship, which is why we offer a special language program – AbiBac. For students attending this program it is possible to gain the French baccalaurea and the German Abitur at the same time. That enables the students – if it is intended – to start their studies in France without having any difficulties in gaining access to French universities because they have the French A-level. 

In doing so they attend French speaking courses from the ninth grade until their A-level. A selection of those courses, held by native speakers, is Geography and History. 

Yohann Bordeaux
Geographie und Geschichte auf Französisch
Anne Delacroix
Kristin Giesecke
Englisch und Französisch
Ada Gorskih
Französisch und Russisch (Fachleitung: Französisch und Russisch)