Boundary Conditions

Modern Taylor-Made Buildings

Corresponding to their educational concept both the Elementary as well as the Secondary and Grammar School are provided with modern and taylor-made buildings. The building of the Elementary School was established in 2006. The Secondary and Grammar School (Gymnasium) will change into a newly invested building complex in spring 2011. These buildings providing students and teachers with high-class working and learning conditions.

No Cancellation of classes

Since the time of our students is precious, it is a principle at the Pierre Trudau International School that no cancellation of classes will be admitted.

Reliable Opening Hours

The Pierre Trudeau International Schools offers reliable opening hours. Between six o’clock in the morning to six o’clock in the evening, students can be accommodated and supported. They can use supervised rooms for doing their homework or embed extra-curricular activities in that time frame.

Integrated Extra-curricular Offerings

A large number of extra-curricular opportunities are provided to students. This includes more than 30 offerings for musical, artistical or athletic activities, a school orchestra, a chorus and different clubs.

Boarding School Offerings

The Pierre Trudeau International School already has large catchment area of 1.000 km. Although there is an excellent infrastructure and public transport is widely used the school is now answering a growing demand for boarding school offerings. For the school year 2011/2012 the first boarding school elements are drawn and already foreseen in the concept of the new building for the Secondary and Grammar School.


The school buildings lie in a walking distance. They are located in the village of Barleben, a suburban municipality to the 1.000 year old city of Magdeburg, capital of the german land Saxony-Anhalt. The distance to Berlin and Hannover is 150 km and to Hamburg 200 km. The village of Barleben has about 10.000 inhabitants, in the nearby city of Magdeburg live about a quarter of a million people.


From Barleben to Magdeburg it takes ten minutes, both by train and car. Barleben lies at the A2 motorway that directly connects to Berlin and Hannover. Both by train and by car it takes about one hour to the next international airport. In a perimeter of 150 km three international airports can be used.


Barleben is a very successful municipality that kept the characteristics of a both modern but still typical well-arranged village. It offers excellent opportunities for sportive activities, for recreation and for social activities. The Barleben community provides a diverse and interesting mix of creative and leasure activities. Natural treasures offer relaxation, clubs provide creative recreational activities and modern sports and cultural centres complete the ensemble of first-class opportunities. For example Barleben provides youth facilities, a library, a very modern big sports hall, a sports field and about 40 different sports clubs.