International Bias

Extended Language Teaching

In contrast to ordinairy German secondary and grammar schools the Pierre Trudeau International School offers a much broader range and intensity of language teaching. It ist the intention of that approach that students learn languages early and intensively. That is why foreign languages are not only taught in language courses, but used as medium of teaching other school subjects.

Native Language Teachers

In order to offer an authentic and high-class language teaching, native language teachers are giving lessons in the respective languages. When a foreign language is used as medium of instruction for other school subjects, mostly native language teachers are in charge. That enables an authentic access to both foreign language and to foreign culture.

International Team of Teachers

The variety of languages and the principle of native language teachers results in a team of teachers with different nationality, different cultures and different experiences and ideas of school systems world-wide. That enables our students to authentically experience internationality and interculturality.

Language Trips

Important elements of the international education at Pierre Trudeau International School are language trips. They give students opportunities to put their language competence to test. Above that staudents may get in practical contact with students and families in other countries and therefore intensively experience other cultures.

Religous Studies from cosmopolitain Perspective

Religion – of whatever kind – is for mostly all people an intrinsic part of their culture. Knowledge and understanding of major world religions therefore is needed to successfully get in contact with other cultures. That is why religious studies are part of the Pierre Trudeau International School curriculum. These studies aim at informing about and understanding other religions.