Tradition at Pierre Trudeau School

Tradition is an important cornerstone for keeping the students emotionally bound to their school. The feeling of togetherness is a prerequisite for taking responsibility for each other. In the view of that context, tradition of Pierre Trudeau International School aims at supporting the team spirit of our students.

Bonding Project Week

Traditionally the school year starts with a so called project week. Mixed teams with students of different grades work together and take care for technical, scientific or artistically projects. By that way, new students get very quick into contact with students from other grades and get familiar with their new environment.


A number of different celebrations represent the different languages and cultures of the Pierre Trudeau International School. They are used by the teachers  to provide authentical impressions of their native countries to the students. Good examples are the Chinese Spring Festival, Thanksgiving, the German-French Day or the ‘Fête de la musique’.